Fraud Awareness

Protect yourself against fraudulent phone calls and text messages… 

To better protect your identity be aware that there are many different ways for scammers to get your personal information. Scammers sometimes use phishing phone calls as method to get your personal information. One way to keep yourself secure is to avoid giving your social security number, birthday, and other personal information over the phone. If you receive a phone call about a debit or credit card being compromised and they are asking for your personal information, the best thing to do is hang up, and call the issuer of the card yourself. The phone number for the issuer usually can be found on the back of the card.

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Phishing via SMS, or SMishing, uses cell phone text messages or SMS (Short Message Service) to trick you into providing personal and financial information. Smishers may use website links or an automated voice response system to try and collect your information.

Tip: In some instances, criminals have used malicious software in their text messages solicitations. To prevent further security issues, completely remove unsolicited text messages from your phone. This may take two steps: deleting the text and then completely removing it from your device.

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