A budget is a great opportunity to analyze your spending habits, and plan your monthly expenses. Use the outline below to help create a budget that works for you.

1. Total your income
To create a monthly budget, you must first determine what your monthly net (take-home) income is. Be sure to include all avenues of income that you have.

2. Determine your monthly expenses 
Total all fixed expenses such as rent, car payment, insurance, etc. Then, total all flexible expenses such as food, entertainment, gas, etc. Once both fixed and flexible expenses are determined, add the totals together.

3. Calculate the difference  
Subtract total expenses from total income. If your result is in the positive, congratulations! If your result is in the negative, re-evaluate your expenses and look for ways to save in order to get back on track.

4. Track your budget
Be sure to continuously monitor your budget. It may be necessary to adjust your budget a few times before finding what works the best for you.


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