You can save, and here’s how

  1. Create a budget.
    A budget will ensure you never spend more than what you have. It will also keep you from getting into debt while you build your savings.
  2. Isolate your savings from your checking.
    Have an additional savings account that is not directly connected to your checking account. There will be fewer temptations to spend it on something that is not an emergency.
  3. Make savings a top priority.
    Automatic payroll deduction can deposit a portion of your income directly into your savings account, leaving only what is necessary in your checking. Having the money automatically set aside makes it easier to attain your savings goals.
  4. Separate your emergency fund from your savings goals.
    Creating a sub-account will allow you to keep your emergency fund separate from your other financial goals.
  5. Set a goal.
    Whether you are saving for a new car, a down payment on a house, or a vacation, having something to look forward to will help keep you motivated and keep you on track.


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