A great way to save additional funds for your retirement.

Traditional IRA

May provide tax-deferred savings for retirement.

Roth IRA

Dividends within a Roth IRA grow tax free.  (Contributions are not tax deductible)


  Term Dividend Rate APY* Minimum Balance Required to Obtain APY*
Traditional IRA/Roth IRA** 24 Months 0.50% 0.50% $1,000
IRA Accumulation Account   0.10% 0.10% $5.00
Roth IRA Accumulation Account   0.10% 0.10% $5.00

*APY- Annual percentage yield is accurate as of March 18th 2018. APY is subject to change, and may vary at any time.  Fees may reduce earnings. 

**A penalty may be assessed for early withdrawal.

Call the Credit Union for current rates:  570-836-3227, toll-free 1-800-750-9030. The Board of Directors determines the dividend and annual percentage yield.

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